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Event Camp 2015
July 27th-August 1st
Location: Longwood Farm South- Ocala, Fl


 World Class Trainers & Clinicians
Including: Olympian Darren Chiacchia, 

4* Rider Hilda Donahue,
 Grand Prix Jumper Carlo Graziani,
Dressage Trainer Collette Zimmer

All lessons are "á la carte."
Pick and choose the trainers & disciplines
that suit your needs!

 These world class trainers have GENEROUSLY reduced their fees for this camp only!

The trainer schedule is as follows:

Monday 7/27- Hilda Donahue 
$55 Group Stadium
$70Private Stadium 
$60 Private Dressage

Tuesday 7/28 -Darren Chiacchia 
Private Dressage $60
Private Stadium $70
Private Cross Country $100

Wednesday 7/29- Darren Chiacchia
Group stadium $55
Private stadium $70
Private dressage $60
Private Cross Country $100

Thursday 7/30 - Darren Chiacchia
Group XC $60
Private XC $100
Private dressage $60

Friday 7/31- Collette Zimmer
Private Dressage $50

Saturday 8/1 - Carlo Graziani 
Group Stadium $50
Private Stadium $70

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Stalls are $30/night (includes stadium & dressage grounds fee)
Need a Place to Stay? Ask Lindsay about room rental

$50 grounds fee for anyone taking XC lesson(s). Not required to pay this fee if you're just trail riding.

Haul-ins welcome! $25 Grounds Fee

Contact Lindsay with any questions



Vaulting & Trick Riding 

No Experience Necessary!

Fun for All Ages!

Reduced Group Rates & 
Package Lesson Rates Available!

An amazing opportunity to learn the disciplines of trick riding,
bareback,vaulting, & Roman Riding.

There is a rare and dying art of trick riding and now YOU can be part of the action! Students will learn from seasoned performers and trainers on experienced performance horses. Though seemingly difficult and rare, instructors will go through tricks in a step by step process. 

Trick riding styles were developed for Russian Cossack battle. Cossacks learned different positions to fight while staying on a runaway horse. Today it is popular in rodeos and circuses